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So, you decided you want to create or update your web presence.  Where to start...?

Web ManagementDOMAIN REGISTRATION: First off, let's register your new Domain Name! Your choice of domain name is possibly more important that you may imagine and requires quite a deal of thought. With the internet as popular as it is, decent domain names are running out fast. Virtually all simple generic terms and single words were gobbled up years ago and you'd be incredibly lucky to find one nowadays. Your choice of domain name is important in that it should be;

  • relevant to your business/purpose
  • easy to remember
  • short and simple (leave out any non-standard letter characters where you can)
  • easy for users and search engines to find

Spiceweb will guide you through the domain name decision and take care of registering your .com.au domain for as little as $12.95 per year (a 2 x year minimum registration applies for .com.au domain names). Other domain extensions like .com, .net.au or org.au, etc are also available to register of course and the legal requirements and other considerations will be discussed before proceeding.

WEB HOSTING: Fortunately, gone are the days of expensive Australian web hosting. Healthy competition in the market means that quality business hosting on high-end web servers located in Australian Data Centres is now available from as little as around $10 per month. Even cheaper hosting is available on non-Australian based web servers but heading down this track will lead to slow load times, poor support (or no support) if needed and a time difference that causes many unforseen issues and it is not something we would recommend.

Where and how your web site/application is hosted is important and is a consideration you need to be aware of. Server specifications and allowances need to be carefully considered in advance. The amount and type of Server Resources required will effect your sites load time and overall performance.  Spiceweb will consult with you all the way and take care of all of this for you. We will select a suitable web host based on YOUR requirements and needs, rather than just based entirely on price or commissions.

SITE MANAGEMENT: After we've built your fantastic new web site or web application, we won't just abandon you in the wilderness. We pride ourselves on an extremely high level of after sales support and ongoing assistance and site management. Considerations such as security updates, modifications, edits, renewals and backups are just of few matters that need to be taken into account. Many customers like to take a hands on approach and maintain their web assets themselves. Others prefer to leave it to the professionals. Either way, we will offer you guidance on best practices for managing your own site or alterrnatively we can manage the whole thing for you based on a very reasonable "fee for service" basis. These are all matters that would be disucssed in the inital consultation process.

About Spiceweb

Spiceweb is owned and operated by Perry Brennan.  We're located at Lennox Head, on the Far North Coast of New South Wales.

We specialise in Content Management Systems and database driven web applications based on PHP/MySQL

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